'69 Longhorn
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1969 was a popular year...
The camping market was booming, and that translated to more Longhorn sales. In '69 Chevy sold more Longhorns than any other year. For the 3/4 ton line, there were 8797 built, and a record setting 2457 one tons made.
Like the rest of the truck line, the Longhorn recieved a face lift on the nose, and some minor updates.

'69 Longhorn for sale
Not much to be said on this one. A reader sent me a link to this truck with a custom made camper top for sale on the internet.
I wish I could remember who, where, and for how much. All I remember is a 350 and Turbo 400 transmission.
Notice the improper placement of the Longhorn badge.
Jeff's '69 Longhorn Camper Special

Another one from Illinois, this Longhorn has a rather impressive option list. I can only idnetify one or two things missing from this big block equipped rig. Some of the harder to find options on here include the A pillar mounted spot light, shoulder belts, a center seat belt, speed warning, and full intermentation including a tachometer.
Jeff says;
"I have always known the Longhorn was "special" from the minuite I saw all the options. I researched the Longhorn production numbers the first week I owned it. Its just when I was broke I could not convince anyone else it was "special" so the price kept comming down. Luckily, no one bought it. 

He has told me that he is extreamly glad he couldn't sell it.


'69 Led-Sled Longhorn
Purchased back in '84, the current owner saw nothing special in this Custom/20, so he did what he wanted to with this '69 Longhorn.
Extensive metal work has been done, including chopping the roof 3 inches, chaneling the body 1 1/2 inches down over the frame, 1 pc steel tilt front clip, dechroming and shaving all the trim, and countless other mods.
At this moment, it houses an edelbrock topped 383(everything but the cam),Comp cams XE268,Through a TCI breakaway verter,400T, and a set of 4.10 Richmond gears out back. Past engines include a caddy, an olds, and a few others as well.
While putting this thing on a diet, it was determined it would never be a heavy hauler again, and 1/2 ton suspension has been placed where the factory under pinnings once resided and a 3 inch/5 inch front/rear drop was incorporated.
This is true old school hot rodding at its best. A lost art, only practiced by a few people who remember how it used to be.
Ownner's quote; "Now if I can get her to hook up."
Reustfree Classic's '69 Longhorn
Rust Free Classics is an online dealer that brings western vehicles here to the rust belt. (click on the picture to go to there site)
This CST/20 Lonhorn has a nice compliment of factory options, including: Custom Camper, Two Tone Paint, TH400 AT, Cold A/C, Power Steering, & Power Brakes. Added somewhere along the years was a 454 Big Block Engine, perfect for a truck like these.
One nice looking, clean truck here.

Another one...

Found this one on the web for sale back in '99.

All I can say is it apears to be a CST with aftermarket wagon wheels, but I can not remember any other details on it though.

'69 CST Longhorn
No info was sent with this, just a picture. I really wish I could give credit on the picture.
Summer of 2000 this one was sent to me...again, very little information.
All I was told, is this truck has a 307 small block, backed up by a 4 speed tranny.
Another one for sale on line...
This one was in California in winter 0f 2002, It has a 402 big block backed by a TH400 transmission. The body appears to be ok from this shot.