Mike's 68 3 door C/20
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Here are a couple more pictures of Mike's odd (but cool) looking truck.

You can see here plain as day where they got the extra room for the cab extention.

A couple bench seats and few options makes this 6 seater an honest work truck.
Somethign i found rather interesting, if you were to see this truck in person, and look inside the cab, you'd see where the conversion company rivited the extra portions of sheet metal. As aposed to having custom formed sheet metal that all looked stock, as seen on the other style crew cab with 4 doors.

And here is the drivers side, with only one door. Very much like the suburban of the same time period, the added door is on the curb side.

As odd as this thing is...You have to admit, it is cool.
Last time i spoke to Mike, he had just sent a header off to be
cerami-coated...he's gonna hot rod the original inline.