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In 1968, Chvrolet was celebrating there 50th anniversary, and in doing so, they released a special optioned truck. The 50th anniversary package was available
on all pick ups, Suburbans, panel trucks, and vans. It included a two-toned paint job, and matching interior.
This asortment of 50th Anniversary trucks has mostly been collected from the internet, while a few have been sent directly to me.

A slamed 50th on an air bag suspension. This is a fine example of how a good looking truck, can be made into a show stopper with the right mods done to it.

This long bed is powered by a hi-po 327 and has lots of nice mods

Some trucks are harder to find than others. This is the first K/20 have seen that has the 50th aplication on it.

A nice suburban which still serves as a daily driver.

About the only thing known about this truck, is it is a 50th Longhorn, found in a guys back yard, and it was not for sale.

The 50th can make a vehicle more desirable, especially on a low production number truck, like this Longhorn.

This fine looking truck was spotted in Washington.

Rust is minor, along with a small accident in the front. however, everything is original, and the only modification on this 92,000 mile beauty is the addition of a set of headers.


All 50th trucks will have the int in a gold and white 2 tone like this one.

While this longhorn was painted plain gold, it was originally 2 tone, that, and the 551 option code, makes it a 50th.