Rare and Odd Trucks
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'67 through '72 Chvy/GMC trucks you just don't see every day.
All these trucks are claimed to be factory, or a conversion company product. As far as I know, these are not owner modified.

1968 3 door C/20
Mike in Ohio had me take a few pictures of his rare truck. He drove out to
Nevada to get this once in a life time sighting. Powered by a 292 and a 4 speed,
this truck has very few options.
This type of conversion was not purchased very much, but none the less, was a
GM conversion.
The Wheel base was left alone, and the bed was shortened to make room for
the extra 3 passengers.
Does this remind you of a certian import truck built today?
(Click on the picture to see more pictures of this rig)
'71 GMC 1500
This odd looking pink truck has original paint on it. It has an odd assortment of options on it too. It has the normal 350 and TH350 tranny, p/s, p/b, However, the dash, headliner, carpet, and int. panel are all color keyed together in a tanish color.
The owner had to go to the G.M. archives to get the paint code. It is described as Corral Ice pink 0038, and there is only one company who still makes it.
The only thing I have been able to find on them, is it was only available in Canada, and every dealer got one, but they could order more if they so desired.
1972 GMC Crew Cab
This interesting looking truck is a little more common than the black 4X4.
You can see by the shape of the doors that this truck was made by using front
doors on the back. This reduced cost back then, and makes it much easier to
get parts today.
These trucks were modified for the Forestry Division, and since they are out
dated now, they have been sold off to the public.
Being that they added to a long bed truck and kept the bed the same size, the total size
of this style truck is a huge 22 feet long!
As of now, I have very little information on this truck.

Here is a closer look at the doors on this truck. Interesting design I think.
1971 CHEVROLET 3+3 4x4,
This truck was found for sale on-line, the add read;
V8, automatic transmission, cassette, CD, cloth interior, air conditioning,
power steering, power brakes, crew cab, strong 350, long wheelbase,
factory conversion...
This one looks pretty nice, and fairly original also.
Looks like a good score in my opinion.
1968 extended cab
In the owner's words, "This truck was built for the Forestry Service, but an individual bought this one when it was new, saving it from being worked to death."
You can see it has the front clip and running gear of a '72, but looks otherwise restored.
More can be seen on the owner's site by clicking on the picture.
'69 Extended Cab
Acording to the owner's reaserch, British Petroleum had 25 of these built
for the North Slope during the beggining of the Trans Alaska Pipeline. He
does say however, he is not 100% sure of this.
This '69 has been lifted, and has plenty of other modifications too.