My 1970 CST/20 Longhorn
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My the begining.
As stated before, I purchased this truck back on 12 April, of 1998 with the transmission in the bed.
While the truck had about 300,000 miles on it, it had been taken care of by the original owner, and was in remarkable condition.
Here are some pictures of it, some the day I got it home, and others after a little cleaning and work.

A real CST/20
This was one of the few 3/4 ton trucks to get the top of the line package. The CST (option code Z84) included such things as carpet, added chrome, lower side trim, along with other items.
If you come across good condition CST/20, or even CST/30 badges in a junk yard or swap meet, grab them! Being that they are not in reproduction, they are worth some cash to those who are searching for them.

Not too bad
As you can see, this snap shot was not the best, however, you can see it was a rather straight truck, in original condition.
At one point, the truck was repainted in its original color, this time with an added clear coat. However, by the time I got it, the clear coat was flaking off every time I washed it.
This shot does not show any of the rust, however, it is there.
You can see the original hubcaps and mirrors, though. Many of the items normally lost through the years were present on this truck.

Shocked and amazed
I was rather shocked to discover the original wood in such good shape. It isn't as good as this picture makes it look, however, just the fact that it was there and solid was a miricle in its self. There was one board split down the center, and another with a large chip. That's it.
The original T.H.350 can be seen here too, the bellhousing was rubbed from the torque converter so bad, that it was cut into 2 pieces.

The little 350
This little motor was a little more show than go. While the short block was the original parts, the rest of it had been swapped out at one point or another.
The only aftermarket items were the intake, carb, and chrome. The H.E.I. was added before I bought it, and it's a wise upgrade for a daily driver.
It was not nearly this pretty when I got it. This is after replacing the heads, and I figured I would do a little beautification since I had everything pulled out.

Not much to say here...
Basicly, the original bumper in very nice shape, and more nice clean lines.
You can't tell in this picture, but there is a class IV hitch bolted on under there that came with the truck. Always nice to have.

Another shocker
While the original steering wheel was trashed from the southern sun, everything else looks great. The carpet was just needing a good scrubbing, and after a coat of wax, all the metal surfases sparkled.
Even though a really cheap tape deck was installed, if you look on the seat, you can see the very edge of the original working A.M. radio.
Also, I figured the seat was trashed. However, it turned out the seat cover was tossed on just to prevent burns from the blistering hot Texas sun on the vinyl.

Just a shave and a haircut.
There are certian things a driver needs: good tunes, comfortable steering wheel, and an old fashioned C.B. radio.
You can also see I added a tach to keep the RPM's in check, and a classic barefoot gas pedal.
A nice modification I did also was to paint the 2 gauges with bright white paint, and give the pointers a fresh coat of Chevy Orange.

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