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The first of the Longhorns...
As stated before, GM started the Longhorn production on March 11th, of 1968. Many og G.M.'s records do not even reflect this, and therefor, many people do not even know the '68 Longhorn was ever made, and others look at them as being fake.
Being that it was a mid year production, the '68 is the lowest production, with 1902 3/4 tons, and a reported 215 one ton Longhorns produced.
I have discovered a few '68's, and in my opinion, they are the most desirable Longhorns of the entire run. The only ones that give the '68 a run for there money, would be the GMC Longhorns.

FOR SALE in North Carolina
This was e-mailed to me in winter of 2002. It was found in the back of a buy here pay here car lot, and is in pretty bad shape.
It is not every day you come across a strip down truck, which makes this 250 inline 6, 4 speed, power nothing truck even more interesting.
Stan's '68 C/20 Longhorn
This is a rather interesting truck, with a good story.
Stan's truck, is another strip down inline truck, however, this one has the upgraded 292, and Stan has placed a few hi-po parts on it. Included in his upgrades, was a header and Flowmaster mufler, a Jacob's ignition system, an aftermarket intake and carb.
Stan is into dirt track racing, and the wood on the bumper is for push starting his race car.
Stan believes in upgrading each sub system as the need for repair arises, which is a rather good idea.
Another '68
Another one sent to me via e-mail, this truck is driven daily in Washington if I remember correctly.
This truck is in rather good condition for an original truck.
Wearing its original 2 tone paint, you can see noumorous options, including the dealer installed aux fuel tank in the bedside.
The Longhorn badge was placed on top of the rear side marker in '68, rather than to the side of it as it is seen on every other Longhorn. This was the only year that it was diferant, and a good thing to look for when looking to purchase one. If the badge is moved, I would wonder the validility of the vehicle being 'correct'.
A 50th anniversary Longhorn
Like all Chevy trucks, the Longhorn could be had in a special color and interior combination that made it a 50th anniversary.
This truck was found in central Illinois in a parking lot for sale. It has quite a few desirable options, and with the low mileage acured over the years, it is a prime cantidate for a restoration.
This truck has been shipped to California, where it is going through a very through frame off restoration.
Another 50th anniversary Longhorn
Another story, that in this hobby you have probably heard over and over.
When the owner was asked if he would be interested in selling this 50th anniversary Longhorn, the responce was it was parked awaiting a restoration.
While there is a chance that the owner is speaking the truth, it seems there are too many nice restoration cantidates rotting behind a barn somewhere, and way too many people, looking for such a vehicle.